Foto Hot dan Seksi Sara Wijayanto di Majalah FHM

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Foto Hot dan Seksi Sara Wijayanto di Majalah FHM

Sara is an aspiring musician who has been dedicating her life to telling her story through songs. At the early age of 4 she started to sing. Her family and upbringing has always been surrounded by a love for music and the arts. Music has always been a part of who she is and for years she has written her thoughts and emotions down on paper but it was not something she had thought to do professionally.

It was this past year that she was re-evaluating her goals in life and thinking about her future when a good friend of hers, Andrey Chilling encouraged her to use her talent and pursue a career in singing. After a while she decided to work with Andrey and Mori Vebrani ( were in a band called bubbles in ’97 ) to help and collaborate her song with a pop and R&B sound. Never gonna stop is Sara’s first debut single.

It is a song that she holds close to her heart, as it is also her dedication to Andrey and Mori, whom inspired and pushed her to pursue her dream as an artist.. and have both passed away tragically in Sept 2009. Last year has been a struggle and emotional roller coaster ride for Sara . However, it is something that she wanted to share with the world and by doing so through her music.


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